Linksys SPA922 & Netgear FS108P fail miserably

Has anyone else tried this combo? I have an Aastra 9133i using the PoE in the FS108P and it works great! The SPA922 fails so bad it is unusable. The voice is all chopped up. Whether I use poe or the power supply on the phone, it still is not usable. I tried to move all my phones onto the Netgear switch to somewhat separate them from the data traffic and all the different phone models I have tried work except the Linksys. Is this a Linksys issue that they claim to support poe but really only on their routers? or is the Netgear switch just not up to the task?

If the Netgear is the issue, then what other poe switch can I use in a home office? Putting a $400 switch in my home is kind of overkill I think. Any savings I gain from voip, is lost in that amount of hardware.