What ethernet switch do you use?

I am building an Asterisk system for my company and I am trying to decide on what ethernet switches to use. I am looking at the Linksys SGE2000P and the 3COM BASELINE Plus 2924. Both of these switches have PoE, both have QoS capability for IP phones and they are both moderately priced. What do those of you who are running a small business Asterisk PBX recommend for a switch?

Thank you,
Jason Baker
Glastender, Inc.

I personally use the D-Link 3100 series managed/stackable switches. They come in 24 and 48 port with PoE options on both.

They are, in my opinion, the best bang for the buck out there. They are fully managed with automatic failover when in a stacked configuration.

buy.com/prod/d-link-dgs-3100 … 14476.html