Suggestions for posting

After reading through the board today I have noticed complaints of questions going unanswered. That people are not getting to the really tough questions. I do have a recommendation for this.
When you post a new topic requesting assistance flag the topic in such a manner that people can quickly spot it and give you a response like such

[HELP] Having problems with my moose & asterisk.

And after you have been helped. changing the topic to

[RESOLVED] Having problems with my moose & asterisk.

Other flags can be helpful as well.

Also another plee/sugestion. Do not cross post. placing the same question in both dev/users/etc does not help and merely pollutes the forum. Anyways those are just suggestions. Please reply with thoughts or comments, or just start doing it ^_^.

Is it poosible to create a “community” board like vmware has? were you can award points for proper answers and help ful posts and also a way for the moderator and the poster to mark a question as “answered”?

just a suggestion.

I think alot of this comes down to very vague, poorly expressed questions. If you post a question, fully explain the situation, and provide config files if relevant.

I do not know if it is the right place to suggest, but if avatars are allowed will help the forum to look more alive and nicer. Even hosted avatars to save some bandwidth.


I think, well at least I can speak for myself…

When you first complete an install of Asterisk, things seem to make vague sence, so the way one might post a question, my come out just the same. Hence the reason you find those answering the posts, asking questions to those who think they are asking valid and complete question?

Not that this applies to all, just when reading some of these, I look back at my first experience.

Also, I didn’t think to insert any debugging information in my intial posts either.

I am not intending on upsetting anyone, just trying to help ppl understand ones mind set when they make their intial post.

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