I can't make conference call by using meetme

I just configured meetme.conf with “600” sample, then restarted the asterisk.with extensions.conf add a 600 exten,I reloaded the extension.after this, I began to call 600.But asterisk indicated with voice that the conference number is not valid.

asterisk print the debug message:
Jun 6 16:59:46 WARNING[4526]: chan_zap.c:1064 zt_open: Unable to open ‘/dev/zap/pseudo’: No such file or directory
Jun 6 16:59:46 ERROR[4526]: chan_zap.c:7551 chandup: Unable to dup channel: No such file or directory
Jun 6 16:59:46 WARNING[4526]: app_meetme.c:465 build_conf: Unable to open pseudo channel - trying device
Jun 6 16:59:46 WARNING[4526]: app_meetme.c:468 build_conf: Unable to open pseudo device

what’s wrong with my asterisk?

I came across this when doing system updates last week. MeetMe seems to have a dependency on the zaptel kernel modules, hence the attempted access to /dev/zap/psuedo.

How you build and install the modules depends on what system your using. Older trixbox systems used a ‘rebuild_zaptel’ command; newer ones seem to expect an appropriate kernel-module package to be installed, but the only ones I could find were broken, so I had to roll back to an older kernel.

I know that’s not much help, but I’m a bit of a newbie myself.


Thank you for your answer,first.

I just download the asterisk’s gzip packet and make install them(zaptel,libpri,asterisk,addon,sounds) from 1.2.8 to the 1.2.18.

what the version do you install now? Maybe I try to use the same version to yours.

I use a Trixbox install that I inherited at this job.

If I were starting now, I’d use AsteriskNow


Thank you for your help,anyway.

I am from china. When I post the reply from the office, it was 22:40.I,m ready to go home.If you mind leaving me you e-mail,so I could consult with you when I use the asterisk.My email is gao11feng@yahoo.com.cn,and my english name is Frank. Glad to meet you !