HTTP Manager Interface

Hi all - I am new to the forums, new to Asterisk and fairly new to telephony. I have successfully setup Asterisk 1.8 on Ubuntu Server. I can run calls internally and externally fine from the setup created in the conf files (externally through a SIP provider).

I have now installed HTTP AMI, along with A2Billing on the same box. The problem I have is that neither of these application pick up my current configurations (which is fine as they were mainly for test purposes anyway). The main problem I have is that none of the additions or changes I make via the web interfaces work. They do get written into the configuration files (sip.conf & extensions.conf).

For example I have created an extension and trunk in HTTP AMI, but when I try to connect my clients they are unable to register (I am using X-Lite as client).

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What is HTTP AMI? As far as I know, this does not exist.

If you are refering to a Asterisk Web Interface (via which you can configure Asterisk), than this is a totally different story. What kind of Web Interface or a dedicated distribution are you using?

See http.conf.sample. It is also mentioned in manager.conf.sample.

I’m treating this as an A2Billing question. I know nothing about A2Billing, and I doubt this is the right place to ask.