Howto get callerID from VOIP gateway on SIP


I just setup a voice gatwat with FXO lines with asterisk
my only problem is that it doesn not pass callerID on incoming calls to asterisk?
I have tried all combinations of settings on the gateway, I am wondering if it’s a gateway thing or I am missing somthing on asterisk side.

Can anybody help me please?


come on, how is anyone supposed to know what equipment you’ve installed, and what your setup looks like ?

post the details, there are no crystal balls here.

sorry for not mentioning details

i am using a D-Link DVG-6008S with 8 FXO lines
I register each FXO line as a SIP trunk and here is my sip entry for those lines:


the gateway has only one option for CallerID detection which is a level from -4 to +4, I tried every 9 alternatives but no result.
I am wondering how the gateway is supposed to pass callerID to asterisk on a SIP channel?

I hope I have given enough info… THANKS

The gateway should pass it thru. Have you tried to use noop to see if and what came in ? Also you may want to call the manufacture of the FXO’s and explain to them your problem.