Caller ID Issue

I Have Grandstream HT-488 ATA (1 FXS & 1 FXO)
FXS Registered with 1998
FXO Registered with 1999

When Someone calls the PSTN Line HT-488 forwards the call to VOIP ext 888.

Now 888 welcomes the caller and then transfers to ext 1000 (Grandststream GXP2000).

All goes well.But the caller ID which Flashes is not of the caller BUt 1999 (FXO Port sip a/c).

I want to see the caller id of the caller Please Help…

Im guessing that you have a line callerid= in your sip.conf , remove any mention of callerid from the sip.conf for the peers


so it still did’nt work

??? Have you set any thing in the ATA with respect to callerID ?

there is no option for caller id…in fxo settings