Asterisk with Audio Codes Gateway CallerID=New User

Hey guys i hope someone can help me out on this. I have an asterisk running the newest code and a audio codes MP-114 gateway with 4FXO ports. Everything works good between then except the callerID is displaying as NEW USER but the correct incoming phone number.

When i watch the call activity on the Gateway it is shoulding the correct caller ID so it is something between the asterisk and the gateway where it is getting changed.

Any help would be fantastic :question:

did asking for internal users calling? during that u cant get correct caller id? or ypur asking for PSTN to Asterisk or viceversa caller id status as ur using FXO?
which sip client device ur using?
also send ur sip user config snap shot


Internal works fine.

We are using Snom phones and i have also tested with X-lite. Same results with both

Still i am nit clear. i am answeruing here suppose that ur facing when anybody dial from out side to ur extension?
for that u have to check enpoints settingsi table in FXO box. whjere there is 1 column called phone numbere where u need to put ur PSTn number. this may be one of the solution.