Howto? 1 incoming VoIP line out to 3 remote support agents?


I am looking for some information on the possibility of doing something as described below.


(1) Customer calls the company support phone # (866) 555-1212.

  • Company support phone # (866) 555-1212 is VoIP (Vonage).

(2) Call is routed out to any of 3 remote support agents based upon there availability.

  • Remote support agents are using non-VoIP lines at this time.

To make something like this work what additional hardware is required? I have a PC that I can dedicate to Asterisk use if needed, only other additional hardware at this time is a Linksys PAP2 VoIP adapter.

Any links to examples or documentation would be greatly appreciated, also links to vendors able to supply the required hardware would be great.

Thank you… - James

Asterisk only plays nice with a Vonage sofphone, not a regular Vonage account. You could sign up with a service like Teliax or Broadvoice, and forward the 800 number there. Look into AgentCallbackLogin and Queues to accomplish what you are after.