Call distribution to remote agents

Dear reader, we were asked to:

  • be able to receive calls on a number of lines (ISDN S0 or Multiplex)

  • distribute calls to remote agents that have logged in over their phone (again over ISDN, unfortunately not VoIP)

  • either forward calls to agents via a pin

  • or play messages (voice boxes) of these agents and enable callers to choose one or listen to the next

  • display the status of agents (logged in and free, logged in and busy, not logged in) in a website

  • track how many minutes each agent spoke to callers

Can all this be done with a linux box, some hardware and asterisk?

Thanks very much to anyone who can help bringing me up to speed with the capabilities of asterisk, if it is all within reach I will dig into this big time;)!


I don’t see any problems to implement this with Asterisk. It treats all the extensions of all the types (VoIP, TDM) exactly the same, so just build it yourself of hire one of the guys familiar with Asterisk.