How to wake up a phone from standby when another phone rings?

This question may sound strange, so i’m gonna explain it a bit:

i have to answer 2 phones at different places nearby.
i’m called usually on the first phone.
The second phone goes into power save mode after 30 seconds idle time.
When i’m at the second phone, and i get called on the first phone, ii want to pickup the call with the second phone which is in sleep mode.This phone only has softkeys, but the display is off, so the softkeys are not displayed.
if this phone would exit standby when the other phone rings, it would be easy to see the pickup-softkey.
i tried to avoid all this, and used a ringgroup for the two phones, but then the caller did not get a busy signal when i am already talking on the first phone. this busy signal is really important.
Or is it possible to use a call group, and the caller gets busy tone if any of the call group phones is talking?

What’s a call group? Are you thinking of FreePBX? If you want to limit the number of current calls on an Asterisk extension, you need to use group counts.

sorry, i meant a ring group.
yes, the system is FreePBX 15 based, with Asterisk 16.
Alle phones are PJSIP, and the second phone is a Fanvil H5W.

Ring groups are a FreePBX construct. If you want help on those, I’d suggest

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