Cannot pick up call in ring group after hanging up

I have a ring group with about 6 phones. The problem is that if phone1 is already on a call when another call comes in the other 5 phones ring, if however phone1 drops the call he is already on before anyone has answered the second call phone1 will not ring.

Can anyone help?? please let me know if I have not explained this very well!!!

if i understand this correctly-
call comes in, and Dial() phone1 thru phone4
phone3 is on a call. When he hangs up, phones 1-2-4 are still ringing but his is not so he can not answer…

that’s a phone specific issue. What is happening is the phone is actively rejecting the call (watch a sip debug) so * stops trying to ring it. It is likely you have single line phones which do not support call waiting?

What i’d suggest as a quick fix- put the phones in the same pickup group. You can then pick up a call with *8 (as i recall)…[/code]

We have aastra phones which DO have call waiting.

that is strange then.
Try this-

make a call using phone1 (example name). Once call is established, do sip debug peer phone1. Now call the group. See what phone1 spits back over sip debug, and post it here.