How to upgrade to latest version of Asterisk

I started fresh with an install of AsteriskNOW 10.13, which as best as I can tell consists of the following versions:

OS: SMHZ release 6.6 (Final)
Asterisk: 13.12.1

I was under the impression that the AsteriskNOW download would have had the latest versions of all the software. I am now well over half-way finished setting up our new server, and I noticed there are newer versions of Asterisk and FreePBX available.

Since we have not gone live on this new PBX I’m building, I would like to get everything “current” before the go-live date.

Is there a simple way to upgrade Asterisk & FreePBX? I would also upgrade the OS if that would help.

Or is this worth the trouble? Long-term I’d like for us to stay as close to current software as possible.


Ok, so I’ve been researching this all day, decided to post a forum question…then after posting, the NEXT thing I read may have answered my question:…

So does this mean that AsteriskNOW & the FreePBX Distro lag slightly behind the latest versions of Asterisk & FreePBX until the newer versions can all be tested & verified to work well together? Then they come out with a newer major release track, and at that point the above link would provide the best path to upgrade?