How best to upgrade AsteriskNow 3.0.1 to something current?


I installed Asterisk 3.0.1 a long time ago. It just ran without issue. I have paid/licensed Digium addons for it. Now I find that it is quite out of date as I try to add things like a SIP trunk, etc. It also seems like AsteriskNow 3.0.1 kind of fizzled in favor of better integration with FreePBX in newer versions.

I could blank everything and start over but I want to keep my call logs, voice prompts and configs.

What is the best path for upgrading AsteriskNow 3.0.1 to something current and with tighter integration with FreePBX?


I’d suggest doing a full backup and maybe even doing a P2V of the machine as well as a start.

You should be able to copy the sound files, they live in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds by defaults

CDR records can be stored in a number of ways, /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv may contain them

Good thing I did an rsync backup…

I tried the AsteriskNow 3.0.1 to AsteriskNow 5.211.65 script from the Asterisk help wiki and it destroyed my system.

Half of the yum repos were empty or denied. It overwrote my commercial licenses. The process literally destroyed everything. I had to nuke the file systems, boot rescue and restore the full sys image from rsync remote.

I literally followed this webpage:

What a disaster. WTF?!?