How to see remote asterisk currently running calls and their detail using GUI?

I have one remote asterisk.I want to monitor the asterisk by watching call logs of remote asterisk with help of GUI. In this case if possible I also want to maintain the record of calling as a database on which which the following detail can be stored :

  1. codec used for calling
  2. one field for suggesting whether call was successful or not
  3. stored call failure error
  4. duration of call

Can anyone suggest me How can I do this ?


Most of the information you want is on the Asterisk CDR, you can use MYSQL as backend

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@ambiorixg12 thank you for your quick answer. I prefer GUI if I can get for handling live calls for ease. Plus I did not have concern previously about CDR , then can you please explain with some example or detail how can I use it ? Regards.

CDR logs the call onces has been hangup, if you are looking for a live call you must use AMI, Newchannel event for example, all the information is no the Asterisk WIKI

Your requirements are sufficiently specific and unusual that you will almost certainly have to write the GUI yourself.