How to scroll back in CLI mode

When running asterisk CLI and entering e.g “module show” it seems impossible to scroll back the output displayed on the screen. Using “pipe” more or less doesn’t work neither does Alt Page up or anything else.
I can’t possibly be the first one to have this issue. Hopefully someone out there can tell me what I’m doing wrong.

If you are accessing it over a direct console, use shift page-up. I’m not sure whether this is compatible with also using control-S.

If accessing it over a telnet/ssh session, use control S and the mechanism provided by your terminal emulator. Some terminal emulators don’t require control-S, unless you expect to exceed their scrollback buffer.

Please note that these are OS issues, not Asterisk. The answers assume typical Linux behaviour.

Use this

asterisk -rx"module show" | more

or if you prefer scrolling

asterisk -rx"module show" | less

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Many thanks - this worked just fine.