Another big stupid newby questiion


big time newby question.

I have a server running asterisk in full screen scrolling Asterisk CLI all over it.

I want to get to a commandline [linux commandline , not asterisk]

How do i do it without stopping asterisk ?

Shortcut key maybe?

is there a linux file gui command?


on the asterisk CLI, enter “quit” and press enter

If you are running Asterisk by “asterisk -c” there is no way to leave CLI without stopping Asterisk.
Solution is: First enter in Linux shell just “asterisk” (that causes * is running without console) next you can connect to CLI by “asterisk -r” command or just “rasterisk”. You can leave CLI by “exit” or “quit” command.

There IS a shortcut!

You can easily move to a new linux login screen by simply using the Alt key and pressing any Function key, F2 through F6.

Most linux distributions are setup so they have something like 6 individual monitors and keyboards attached to them. You move between the differenet “stations” by pressing the ALt-F(something) key.

When you first start up a Linux machine, it’s using the Alt-F1 “station”. You login there, and do most/all of your work there. After you start another “station”, you can return to your original login by pressing Alt-F1.

If you press Alt-F2, you can get an entirely new login and session. Very much as if you had just started a telnet session to the machine.

Using the Alt-F2 through Alt-F6 keys, you can have as many as 6 different linux login sessions running from the same monitor and keyboard.

The ALT F key thing only works on the console.

If you work a lot from say an ssh window, you can type quit or just hit control c to get out. Or… You can use the ! to escape the CLI to a shell for one command or to spawn a new shell from the CLI.

framingham-asteriskCLI> !pwd

framingham-asterisk*CLI> !/bin/bash
[root@framingham-asterisk matthew]#
(Ctrl d to exit back into the CLI)