How to route call by ACD to agents by priority of calls

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    If I would like to route incoming calls by use ANI (caller id) that each call has priority follow ANI, (sample VIP Customer call or general customer) How does to manage ACD this feature? If VIP customer call after general customer and call center has 2 queues, so that VIP customer will get queue in 3 but I would like call center service this VIP call before general customer (in 2 queues). This is the one feature of ACD.

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Queueing to agents is possible in the Asterisk system, more details may be found here. The Asterisk Wiki is down at the moment, there are more details there as well.

As far as placing priorities in queue, I am not sure exactly how or if that is possible. It is possible to have multiple queues for a different agent and prioritize those, so acheiving the same thing indirectly.

Looking here, it would appear there is a way to add a call to a queue with a ‘penalty’: … s_get_data

Don’t have my Asterisk book handy and the Wiki is still down.

Here are the details from the Wiki:

[quote=“Asterisk Wiki”]New features

Queue() has options for penalty, wrapuptime and priority have been added to the Asterisk queue system. Priority works like this, according to the contributor:

The new addition provides the ability to operate queues as priority queues in addition to the current FIFO mode. This gives the ability to queue a call not at the end of the queue but anywhere in the queue, according to the call’s priority.

Now you can have just one queue servicing all the calls (more important and less important) with the right order. The priority of a call entering a queue is determined by a special channel variable, QUEUE_PRIO. Higher values of this variable mean higher priority. By not setting this variable, all calls have the same priority, 0, by default (FIFO). E.g.

; Important clients
exten => 111,1,Playback(welcome)
exten => 111,2,SetVar(QUEUE_PRIO=10)
exten => 111,3,Queue(support)

; Less important clients
exten => 112,1,Playback(welcome)
exten => 112,2,SetVar(QUEUE_PRIO=5)
exten => 112,3,Queue(support) [/quote]