How to Rebuild Raid 1 in asterisk

Hi guys,

I am new to esterisk. i just employed some one to come setup a PBX for me and i decided that i was going to backup one of the RAID1 drives just to be safe encase some thing went corrupt or what ever. But vertty unluckily while doing so i fed it up and ended up copying a blank hdd over my asterisk HDD,

So im very glad i went with RAID. So my my problem is when i gointo the intel raid manager it says The divice will be rebuild in the OS>

now i googled and i found instructions about how you mean to rebuild it in WINDOWS?

PLs pls can some one help me try fix this stuff up.

and also maybe tell me how i can create a propper backup of asterisk without stuffing anythign up?

Tell me the name/version or your controller. I should be able to help you.

Depending on the controller you may have trouble rebuilding just depends.

Worst case you could create a new mirror and then take your old (your current) drive and clone it to the mirror then you’d be back in biz.

You can use Clonezilla for this. It is great for disk to disk or disk to image. Use the live CD version it is idiot proof.

If you go the clonezilla route it is easy. you would take your existing drive out and set it asside (maybe run backup from webmin or something to be safe first. webmin can be installed with gives you a web interface to the entire system. I put it on every install. it is invaluable.)

Next take your two new drives and connect them up to the SATA controller. boot up and when you see the prompt press ctrl-i or the function key or whatever gets you into your raid management software. Build the mirror and initialize it.

Shutdown and connect your old drive (the one with your working config on it) boot backup with the Clonezilla live cd choose other configurations (if you take the default the video may not work) choose “VGA-Normal” let it boot up and choose the easy configuration choose disk to disk (it will be the second option) then select the source disk (be sure to read so you know which is which and don’t dumb thumb it and wipe out the correct one) and then finally select your new mirror as the destination. let it rip and then reboot and you are mirrored back up and ready to go.

its an intel board.

and i tried clone zillar, but i tried to make an image and it gave me an error as it started. like it couldnt read the format>
Which is odd.

But i will try clone the drive to annother drive. im just really scared it fs up the current one. then im screwed?