How to make a backup of my current system?

How to make a backup complete of the Disk i mean, make an image of the disk and install it in other hard drives?
what to use?
where download?

dd it.

Agreed with mazzic, if you are wanting to make an exact backup/copy that will be destined for the same hardware environment then dd is straightforward and easy. I do similar but across different hardware so my process is build the base gentoo linux, with it’s new/different hardware, then use stage4 backup to move to the new envionment; very convenient way to backup/move without dragging along the hardware dependencies. mkstage4 works great in a hardware independent development environment as well.

One option available to you is the same that I use for backups: RAID.

OK, before everyone goes off about how RAID isn’t a backup solution… I’m just manipulating what’s available to me to achieve the best from a poor (i.e. my pocket) situation.

With modern SATA drives and AHCI mode enabled (or SCSI with appropriate configuration), you can hot-swap drives into a running system (as long as your motherboard is supported… that’s the dodgy part).

One of my Asterisk systems ran 2x250GB SATA drives in a RAID-1 mirror and to make an image of the system, I could open the case, plug in a SATA cable and then the drive. Once it was up and running, I could dd the first block of one of the drives onto the new spare (to copy the partition table) and then use mdadm to add the drive to the running array and wait 45-50mins to let it sync before faulting it and removing it from the array. Quick and easy backup solution that is also bootable should everything go south.

Also, given the cost of hard drives against tape drives, the cost advantage is fantastic (but the failure rate is probably a lot higher and in the long run will not be much cheaper).