How to quit vim,and one on the right,another on the left

hi all,

i am new to use this, is this the right way to ask questions and get support?

and the problem is: when input 'vim sip.conf ’ and then how to go out to the command line interface? and when input ‘vim sip.conf extensions.conf’ why there is only one text edit,not one is on the right,another is left.

thx :blush:

This is a Unix/Linux question, not an Asterisk one. The normal advice for Windows users is to use nano, not vim; nano’s has a Wordstar like user interface.

:angry: or :wq or :w followed by :q to quit and save.

:q to quit when there is nothing to save.

:q! to quit, throwing away all unsaved changes.

You can also use :sh to run a command line without leaving vim or use control-Z to suspend vim and return to the command line (the first is strictly nested, but done entirely by vim; the second allows you to switch around between many different running programs).

You would not expect to get the two files side by side. Two 40 character windows isn’t reasonable on a command line editor. You have to copy to named buffer "X prefix on the yank or delete command (where X is some letter) and then paste from that buffer after saving and switching files (:w, then :n or :e #).

If you are not familiar with Unix command line editors, you are probably best to transfer the file to an OS with which you are familiar and edit there, but beware of changing the line ending characters. Another option would be to use an X-Windows editor, but X-Windows is a performance hog, and should not normally be run on a system running Asterisk.