How to properly upgrade asterisk

I have been trying to register with broadvoice for several days with no luck. I keep getting the same error message when starting asterisk. I’ve also put asterisk outside our firewall on a public ip address to ensure its not a firewall issue. I still got the same error

I believe the problem is the chan_sip.c or module based on a thread I googled. I was using a cvs-head from 6/17/05

I have attempted updating asterisk to the latest version of cvs-head with no luck and then to the latest 1.2 stable from cvs. However, when I check the version file for chan_sip.c it still says v1.765 .

I’m wondering if the core asterisk files have been updated but not the files listed above. i saw a thread on this forum that discusses needing to delete /usr/lib/asterisk/modules before I upgrading. So I did this before updating to 1.2 stable from cvs. however, the version of these files has stayed the same.

I was hoping someone else on this forum has possibly seen the same thing. Thanks

when building * did you do a make clean ?


I did perform a make clean. I just checked /usr/src/asterisk/channels and ran ls -ln . I found that chan_sip.c has a timestamp of June 19 2005 and has a timestamp of Nov 17 2005 which is yesterday when I ran the upgrade to 1.2 stable from cvs. Very strange. for some reason chan_sip.c hasn’t properly upgraded.

I saw another thread that suggests deleting /usr/include/asterisk as well as /usr/lib/asterisk/modules . I think I’ll try that next.

I just completed the new installation and it appears the files in question have been updated. This time I deleted all files in:

and then downloaded stable 1.2 from cvs and then ran
make clean
make install

When the stable 1.2 install completed I did get an error for when I ran asterisk -vvvvvvvcf. It turns out that that this file was deprecated for 1.2 so I went into modules.conf and rem’d out the load command with a semi colon.

Just an FYI . I would strongly encourage all newbies to buy one of the newly released astersik books at your favorite book store chain. I bought “Asterisk - The Future of Telephony” astersik from O’Reilly(copyright september 2005). It may not have the latest latest info. but it really helps you get a complete understanding of everything vs. trying to get all your information from numerous and miscellaneous locations on the web. It was only $39.99 anyway. Good Luck

the book can also be downloaded for free online. it’s good to have in hard copy, but honestly i have found that once i read through the book once i was good to go. everything i’ve learned since has been through trial and error, research, etc. i was fortunate too in that before i was ever involved in this project, we had contracted digium to do the initial config. now that i know what i’m doing somewhat, it seems like a lot of money for something that seems so simple, but that’s learning for ya.

anyway, the book is here.

i gotta do this upgrade soon.