In Desperate Need Of Monitoring Asterisk

Hello All,

We are currently using Asterisk in a call centre environment. We are wanting to fully monitor Asterisk processes, also with the option of creating emails on critical system alerts. We are only using SIP lines in this environment and no hardware cards.

We have experienced congestion errors, sip provider issues, and much others and would like a proactive way to monitor all of these.

We are interested in both open source as well commercial options, and ideally looking for simple solutions but are open to any other options you all may suggest.

Thanks in advance!

You can you any NMS for this. I personally would suggest Zabbix. You can monitor phones, links, server perimeters, SIP trunks and almost anything related to server and application.

Have a look at Nagios. There are several useful plugins for Nagios for Asterisk trunk monitoring.