How to get the details of Unanswered Calls

I am developing a software to log all the calls and the user managements and access through Digital Voice Logger which is running on Asterisk. Now I want to get the details of unanswered or unattended calls. Can anyone please help me out.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello. Look at ‘unanswered’ option in cdr.conf … ration_cdr


In addition to the above, please advice how can we get a proper list of calls that are unanswered at the reception desk with the external numbers, at present, all we can get is a report like below which seems very complex.

Date Source Ring Group Destination Src. Channel Account Code Dst. Channel Status Duration
2014-08-24 17:05:29 706 4100 Local/4100@from-queue-7846;2 SIP/4100-00012f63 NO ANSWER 0s
2014-08-24 16:44:41 706 4100 Local/4100@from-queue-d0e7;2 SIP/4100-00012f3c NO ANSWER 0s
2014-08-24 16:00:42 703 4100 Local/4100@from-queue-0e1f;2 SIP/4100-00012ef0 NO ANSWER 0s

Request advice.


Binu Manickkam.

You may write CDR to some SQL database table and pick the values with a web-form.

Take a look at these projects:

More complicated solutions require web-programming skills/web-developer.

More complicated solutions also require channel event logging.

However, in this case, you are not using a simple dialplan, as you will not see references to Local channels, in a straightforward dialplan. In such cases you need to obtain help from whoever wrote the dialplan. My guess is that this is a FreePBX generated dialplan, in which case you need to use the forums

Also note that there is no “ring group” column in Asterisk CDRs. In fact, “ring group” is not a term used by Asterisk, but is one used by FreePBX. The report as a whole is not in the default format for CDRs, and no CDR output would have column headings, so I assume that some third party code has been used to format the report.

I wanted exact same thing and I looked in the asterisk for few hours then planning, then some googling and then executed following.

I used queue_log to find unanswered calls.
created mysql database for queue_log
then simply did “pick and choose” through the query.