* CDR logs only showing ANSWERED calls?

Hi All,
I’m running Asterisk with bandwidth.com supplying SIP-Trunking.
My marketing department has asked me to supply call logs for their members, to check against what they are reporting in Salesforce.com.
I said “No Problem” I’ll just pull the CDR report from the system.
CDR is stored in the default location and not cdr_custom.conf exists.
I ftp’d the file over to my computer and discovered that the only calls that appeared, that went out over the bandwidth.com SIP provider, were the ones with ANSWERED in the description. :open_mouth:
Is this something common for SIP-Trunking providers, or am I missing something here?
Any info. is greatly appreciated.

Have you set

[quote]; Define whether or not to log unanswered calls. Setting this to “yes” will
; report every attempt to ring a phone in dialing attempts, when it was not
; answered. For example, if you try to dial 3 extensions, and this option is “yes”,
; you will get 3 CDR’s, one for each phone that was rung. Default is “no”. Some
; find this information horribly useless. Others find it very valuable. Note, in “yes”
; mode, you will see one CDR, with one of the call targets on one side, and the originating
; channel on the other, and then one CDR for each channel attempted. This may seem
; redundant, but cannot be helped.
unanswered = yes[/quote]

Thanks for the quick response.
This section was missing from my cdr.conf file. I’ve pasted your posting into the [general] section, and will see if this does the trick.
Thanks again!