.call file CDR Record For the calls that are not answered

hello ,
I am facing a problem related to call file in asterisk.
I am making calls using call file but the problem is that when the user dont pickup the call CDR entry is not maintained. When user answers the call only then the CDR Record is maintained. Please let me know how can i get the CDR record of the unanswered call.

Hi there
try using unanswere=yes in your cdr.conf file

; In brief, this option controls the reporting of unanswered calls which only have an A
; party. Calls which get offered to an outgoing line, but are unanswered, are still
; logged, and that is the intended behaviour. (It also results in some B side CDRs being
; output, as they have the B side channel as their source channel, and no destination
; channel.)
;unanswered = no

Already used that earlier the problem is that it goes to default context without the other details such as mobile number datetim, only the default context and the bill sec.