How to edit annoncement-position

Hi guys,
I like to customize queue annoncement-position messages.
I more search in the asterisk files in the etc/asterisk to find the dialplan codes for playback(announce-position file), but I can’t find that file.

please advice me to find file to edit dialplan to play another files when asterisk call annoncement-position.

Now when callers incoming to the queue by default this sound is played
1- queue-thereare.gsm
2-start music on hold
3-digitals/2.gsm ( for second caller )

I like to play this mode
1- play file 1.gsm
2- play file2.gms
3- play file3.gsm

Many thanks.

If you want to change the sounds but keep the sequence and grammar, just re-record the files. If you do this for numbers, it will affect all announcements using those numbers.

If you want to customise it more than that, the sequencing of these mesages is done in app_queue.c; you will need to modify that and recompile. This is not a change that a non-programmer shoudl attempt.

This forum is not the right one for a support question, like yours.

Thanks for your replay
Unfortunately I didn’t get what you meant by your suggestion in your post
I would be appreciate if you explain more. :smile:

Thanks in advance

No any suggestion my friends?
please advice me.

Hire a programmer.