Queue configuring features problem


I have to configure

    • Estimated holdtime announcement
    • Position announcement
      The problem is that I need to define different digits files. I didn’t find any configurations that can help me to solve my problem.

I need to configure that way :

For example:
Position announcement – “You queue position is”------
We want that asterisk play the sound like
/position/third.ulaw and etc.

Estimated holdtime announcement – “You have to wait about ” ----- “minute(s)”
We want that asterisk play the sound like
/position/three.ulaw and etc.

May be someone know how to configure this feature?

Thank you.

Why do you “need to”, as against “want to”, or “the salesman has sold the capability to”?

I am pretty sure that this level of customisation requires changes to the source code.

Ok , Not 100% sure on this but should work.

Asterisk will play the fine in the langaue directory before the normal one

So if its just the queues se the language to it in the sip.conf

This way the callers in teh queue will here the language version of the digits not the default

This “should” work


It works.

I set language
exten => 1111,n,Set(CHANNEL(language)=lt)

and It reads digits from
/lt/digits/1.gsm 2.gsm and etc.

I cat run one of this features, just change file names.

For example: Position announcement I will change files from first.ulaw to 1.gsm
And It will work.

But what about Estimated holdtime announcement ?