How to do Dynamic Voicemail Boxes

Is it possible to do dynamic voicemail boxes? IOW: I don’t want to have to setup each mailbox in voicemail.conf. I just want to allow Voicemail(ANY) to somehow auto create the box if it doesn’t exist.

Im not asking the question very well but hopefully someone knows what I mean.

Or you create the voicemail on voicemail.conf or using RealTime architecture

What exactly are you trying to archive?

Do you just don’t want to setup each mailbox in voicemail.conf, or do you have a use case where it’s not possible to create them in advance? If the latter, what exactly is that use case? Perhaps there might be another way, like the RealTime approach suggested by @ambiorixg12, or something completely different, not at all involving the voicemail module.

I want the callers process to create the voicemail box number based on the last 4 digits of their phone number. Since I don’t know before hand what those digits are I can not set it up nor do I want to manually manage voicemail boxes because thats silly.

I think I’ll just make a script that updates voicemail.conf for me when the caller calls in. It would be cool if you could do like: VoicemailMain(BOX,f) to force creation if it doesn’t exist. I assume asterisk already has processes to update voicemail.conf since you can change your password over the phone.

Incidentally: It would be awesome if there was a way to turn off CallerID when playing the envelope to prevent the receiver from hearing the phone number of the caller. Im surprised there is no obvious way to do this.


A few things:

  1. Do like others have said. Use the asterisk realtime architecture for this as it will save you a bunch of time and headache later on. The voicemail.conf shouldn’t be used anymore to define mailboxes. (

  2. Be very careful with this. I understand WHAT you are trying to do and WHY but if you don’t implement proper security, this will end up biting you.

Ill take a look at this, thank you!

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