Patterns in Voicemail.conf

Anyone know if patterns can be used in voicemail.conf? I’ve tried a few that work in extensions.conf but don’t seem to work in voicemail.comf.

Example being that I have an extension in my dial plan that feeds into a voicemailmain context. In that context I will have hundreds of mailboxes that I want the caller to be able to set up by calling in (not private, not worried about passwords, etc). So for example (what it would look like in extensions.conf), I would put “_XXX => 999” under the context. So anyone calling in could set up any three digit mailbox by using the password 999. I couldn’t get this example to work though, any way of achieving this?

Also wondering if it was possible to set variables in voicemail.conf. Could I somehow set ${password} to some number like in extensions.conf and use it in something like “123 => ${password}”.

Couldn’t find any docs on these questions, would love to hear if you guys have tried anything like this.

I am fairly sure they can only be used in the “dialplan”.

Thats the way I was seeing it to but just wanted to double check with you guys. Looks like I have some mailboxes to add to my voicemail.conf :frowning: