Creating a Voicemail Box

There used to be a script in Asterisk addons prior to 1.2, called ‘addvoicemail’ or similar, that would create a voicemail box for you. Looks like it’s been removed. Has anything replaced it? Why was it taken out? How do you create a voicemail box now?

Dont know about the script but you shuld be able to set them up in voicemail.conf

As far as I know, provisioning users in voicemail.conf doesn’t create the necessary files and directories under /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail.

thats all I setup on mine and it works

Ditto. I believe as long as Asterisk can write to the folder, it will create it on it’s own.

Okiday. I’ll take a leap of faith and give it a try.

I went looking for the script too. I read somewhere that in 1.2, the script is no longer necessary. You make your entries in voicemail.conf and, upon accessing the mailbox, the files are created.

Tried it and it works fine.