How to create a new Conference by Asterisk Manager Interface?

I want to implement this function:
User A invite User B and User C to conference (through Asterisk Manager Interface).

I try to use help and there are some commands Asterisk told me:

ConfbridgeSetSingleVideoSrc: Set a conference user as the single video source distributed to all other participants. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeStopRecord: Stop recording a Confbridge conference. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeStartRecord: Start recording a Confbridge conference. (Priv: system,all)
ConfbridgeLock: Lock a Confbridge conference. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeUnlock: Unlock a Confbridge conference. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeKick: Kick a Confbridge user. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeUnmute: Unmute a Confbridge user. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeMute: Mute a Confbridge user. (Priv: call,all)
ConfbridgeListRooms: List active conferences. (Priv: reporting,all)
ConfbridgeList: List participants in a conference. (Priv: reporting,all)

It seems has not a command to create a conference ?
How to create a new Conference by Asterisk Manager Interface ?
Please help me ,thanks.

There is not an AMI action who allows you to create a conference, create the conference on the dialplan and then use Redirec action , to redirect users to the conference