How to build that kind of conference software?

Hello all,

Iam newbie to Asterisk forum.
My boss asked me to build a conference software that is described like:
There is an server that admin can control the list of conferences and associated clients of each. He can join one client from this conference to another or add new client.
At client’s side,he will be waiting for a request from server, and a SIP invitation is sent to create a conference session if he accepts that request.

So any suggestion for that model ? Can Asterisk be used here ? … fBridge+10

you can use confbridge in asterisk as your conference server but you need to program in AGI and AMI if you want to have a customized web panel with the features to add or remove someone to/from conference . or to kick/unkick or mute/unmute conference participants .

I’ll try your application suggestion,
So do you know how to make an invitation call from Asterisk to its client ?

or is there existing Asterisk client that i can customize its code ?

you can use callfiles in asterisk or Asterisk Manager interface to make an invitation call to your conference