How to connect normal phone line in existing asterisk PBX


I want to connect a single landline number to my existing asterisk PBX having SIP account. There is already a telephony interface installed on the unix. I want to add this single line and route to one of the extension.


Configure the line in a context whose s extension does a GoTo to the target extension.

Hi David,

Could you please elaborate or send me a link with detailed instructions as i am very new to asterisk.



I have Network controller: Digium, Inc. Wildcard TE133 single-span T1/E1/J1 card (PCI Express) (rev 02) installed and want to configure dahdi to link single phone line along with SIP in asterisk

That card is for digital multiplexes, not for single analogue lines.

In any case, post sales support for hardware should be obtained from the manufacturer or vendor. Although Digium pays for these forums, they do not provide commercial support through them.

Besides the advise that david551 gave, google is your friend…you can ask your friend anything…

The result when I ask my friend “asterisk configure te133” he answered…


Actually, i am very new to asterisk and still learning. I am attaching the screen show of my Digium telephonic card configuration. Let me know what to do next to transfer the incoming call to an extension.


Asterisk doesn’t have configuration screens.

For peer support in using FreePBX, use

In bare Asterisk, incoming calls, without any dialed digits supplied by the caller, are sent to extension s. You use normal Dialplan operations, such as Goto, to redirect that to some other extension.

I’ve no idea whether FreePBX supports your use case at all.

As already noted, that card is not suitable for ordinary telephones.


any solution of this issue.

Starting DAHDi for Digium Cards
DAHDi Failed: The command “/etc/init.d/dahdi start” failed.
Exit Code: 1(General error)


Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
wcte13xp: [ OK ]

auto-assign /sys/bus/dahdi_devices/devices/pci:0000:01:00.0
Running dahdi_cfg: [FAILED]

Error Output:

D: auto '/sys/bus/dahdi_devices/devices/pci:0000:01:00.0’
DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 16: Invalid argument (22)
Selected signaling not supported
Possible causes:
dchan is being used on a BRI span (use hardhdlc)
Signaling is being assigned to channel 16 of an E1 CAS span

Running Sysadmin Hooks
Restarting fail2ban
fail2ban Restart failed Failed: The command “/etc/init.d/fail2ban restart” failed.
Exit Code: 255(Unknown error)