"Share" TE110P

Hello, we are using a Digium TE110P card on our asterisk server; now we have to “share” this ISDN-30/PRI connection with our partners.

From some days, we assigned a new extension and a DID number to everyone, but it is not the correct solution, I think.

So I think to install a single asterisk server on every remote office (every office with its extensions); but they have to share our main server to place calls on public telco.

How can I “link” remote asterisk servers to the main server? how can configure them?

I have to “link” single remote extesion to a DID number of the main server, so to have a bi-directional calls:

exten (remote server) -> main server -> public telco

public telco -> DID number -> main server -> route to the corrrect remote server -> exten of remote server

Can you help me?

I have found something but they don’t specify how to manage DID numbers to remote servers. Please let me know if there is a “simple” guide. :smile:

Thank you

To Asterisk a DID is just another extension, no need to link anything or create complex dialplans if your extension scheme follows your DIDs. Lets say your DID block is 1000-1299 and you have 3 offices. You could configure your dialplan to send 10XX to your local phones, 11XX to remote office 2, and 12XX to remote office 3. The dialplan in your main Asterisk box would have something like this:

exten => _10XX,1,macro(stdexten,${EXTEN})
exten => _11XX,1,Dial(IAX2/uname:pw@ast-pbx-2/${EXTEN})
exten => _12XX,1,Dial(IAX2/uname:pw@ast-pbx-3/${EXTEN})

Ok, thank you.

This is the solution to route public telco DID numbers from the main server to the correct extensions+correct servers (office A, office B, etc)

However (my newbie questions); where I have to specify username and password on ast-pbx-2, 3, etc?

and, what to do to let extensions of office A, B etc, call to public telco trought the main server?

thank you! :blush:

Maybe this will help