How to ConfigureCall Snooping in asterisk

Hi All,

I am using Asterisk 1.4.5 in my system. I want to use Call snoping feature in my system.

If anybody know this , Please tell me the steps to configure call snooping…


Chinmoy Ghosh

Have you tried looking at ChanSpy here?


I have tried ChanSpy() in my system. Here is the config what I have configured in my system:

exten => 1061001,1,Authenticate(1234)
exten => 1061001,n,ChanSpy(all|q)

where 1061001 is the extension from where I want to barge-in to all other extension. But I am unable to do it. Please advice how to move further

I have already tested using ChainSpy… Is it possible for u to send me an entire configuration file for the same…

Pls. treat this is urgent & reply asap…