Call barge


I am using asterisk 1.4 and i want to call barge feature When there is a call exist , let’s say between the two local extension or from local extension and some other point. I know the number of one of the extensions and I want to enter into the conversation. So from my extension I’ll press the feature key and the extension number, then some kind of conference will be created.


Asterisk facilated with such features calle d as call snooping & create with
chanspy & extenspy
u can use any of the above wheer there is sub option like g for group v for voulme . also you enter betwwen ongoing conversation & make conf.
go on search for this you got complete information

I have use extenspy with option b and v(4) when i have press key for extenspy on asterisk side there is no error but i am not hear any sound.


plz send your config to check

Here is my config

exten => _61.,1,EntenSpy(SIP/${ENTEN:2},qv(4))

when i have dial 61 and extension no. than on asterisk side show extenspy is executing but there is no voice.


try this

                        exten => _61.,1,ExtenSpy(SIP/${ENTEN:2},v(4))

 dont use q for this & try

may help you



Sorry to say i am unable to listen sound.


HI Rajeev

         try this

exten => _61,1,EntenSpy(|v(4))

whwn ever you dail 61 you can listen sip & first extension which is on call then press * for another call listning for diffrent extension.

     also Barge context you have to include in ur extension context where you mention ur all extension so any extension can listen any call means barge


Thanks for your help now i am able to listen sound but i have listen sound of call which is dial outside number using FXO but when two internal sip extension talking each other than i am unable to listen sound.

is It possible i have dial a purticular extension number for spying instead listen one by one.


This one may useful for you. … d+ZapBarge


This link is useful when we spying ZAP channel and i have no proble to listen ZAP channel i want to listen SIP channel when both extension on SIP channel mean to say internal call barge.


Are you following these steps when spying the channels ?

While Spying:

Dialing # cycles the volume level.
Dialing * will stop spying and look for another channel to spy on.
Dialing a series of digits followed by # builds a channel name to append to
(e.g. run Chanspy(Agent) and dial 1234# while spying to jump to channel Agent/1234)

try chanspy instead of extenspy…


I have use both chanspy and extenspy but on sip to sip channel mean internal extension there is no voice but on sip to zap there is no problem.


Please help.


I need help to configure call snooping or barging in asterisk 1.4.
I am not able to configure it. And i also don’t know what to configure and where to configure.
I have to monitor all 31 channel of 1e1 sangoma card.
Please help me out with all details.