How to configure Voicemail IVR options?

Greetings Asterisk community.

I have done a good deal on research on the subject of “Voicemail forwarding” or “voicemail IVR configuration” or “Voicemail IVR customization” … to no avail. I’ve also searched this board and found one who looked interesting, but finally has no replies (except, eventually, mine) --> viewtopic.php?f=1&t=92712&p=207172&hilit=voicemail+forward+IVR&sid=975b5ad7c9ce39c71386bb035312d77a#p207172

The issue I’m trying to solve is about the voicemail IVR (once you have logged into your voicemail and the system gives you options such as listening to new messages, etc.) … more specifically my question is about forwarding a voicemail message when listening to it (option eight “8”).

So first a bit about my setup. Users have extensions named “admin0280” and “room0280”. The thing is, we can’t do without this since the establishment has administrative offices as well as rented rooms, often having the same number (eg. 280). Our dialplan is set up in consequences. In other words, depending on the conext it dials room0${EXTEN} or admin0${EXTEN}.

So now to the main issue with voicemails. In the dial plan users can dial “*98” to call voicemail, this is the relevant part of the dial plan:

So, as you can see this makes it so the user dials straight into his voicemailbox, without having to know his extension name is “admin0XYZ” … he only knows his extension as “XYZ”. Similar setup for rooms.

Now my issue is in the voicemail IVR. I have users who find it useful to forward voicemails (often, people dial the wrong extensions and leave voicemails all over the place, forwarding is more than a nice-to-have) … so while they listen to their voicemail message they press “8” and are asked for the extension to forward the message to … here’s the issue:

Users can’t dial “admin0280” … they simply know the extension as “280” and when they dial that, it is an invalid mailbox as stated by this message in Asterisk’s console:

[Jun 4 10:51:59] NOTICE17572 app_voicemail.c: ‘280’ is not a valid mailbox
[Jun 4 10:52:07] NOTICE17572 app_voicemail.c: ‘0280’ is not a valid mailbox

Of course, since the valid mailbox is “admin0280”. Is there a way to let Asterisk that it should prepend “admin0” when forwarding voicemail messages from the voicemail IVR menu ?

Do not hesitate to ask questions if you need further informations. I didn’t include all of the relevant configuration, since I think the question is pretty simple (the complicated part is explaining the context :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Thanks in advance !

I’ve read in another thread about this behavior I had commented on that it is not possible. Simply wanted to follow up here. In that other thread, user malcolmd says:

[quote]If you’re handy with node.js, we wrote some sample voicemail applications for the ARI support in Asterisk 13, see the node-voicemail… over at:[/quote]