How to configure Asterisk as Stand Alone Voicemail

Hello guys ! I’m new with asterisk and I’m trying to configure Asterisk as a Stand Alone voice mail server. I know about how to programme and about SIP but new with Asterisk. I found this article but it is not very well explained. Could you help me from where to start ? Any contribution will be very welcomed.

Thanks very much !

The standard answer would be that book and the wiki articles.

You need to demonstrate what you tried and explain and evidence what went wrong.

David thanks for your reply ! Now after some test and hard work I have my asterisk working good with internal voice mail… Now I understand better each file and what each one do so I followed the article that I mentioned before and here is my doubts:

I have this line in my extensions.conf
exten => Deliver,1,NoOp()

As the article explain is the incoming call to voice mail

and I alsa have this line:

that is for retrive messages

but I’m receiving the following error:
[Jul 2 17:38:37] NOTICE[7511][C-00000000]: chan_sip.c:26458 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘38747104’ ( to extension ‘38747104’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘voicemailbox’.

The test that I’ve done I understood that there isn’t any condition on my context [voicemailbox] that match, and try to redirect my call to voicemail…

So my doubt is:
How can I achieve these options: Deliver and Retrieve, because I’m just sending an Invite to Asterisk.

Thanks so much !

You need to have your other system send an invite to the extension you defined, so instead of the invite going to `38747104’ it needs to go to ‘Deliver’

That’d be on the system sending the calls to your Asterisk Voicemail server.