How to Configure a Conference Number in asterisk


My Organaization using asterisk with approximately 60 extension, i dont know how to configure a conference number in asterisk. please help me in configuring the same.

Thank you,

Krishna Kumar

You should have a meetme module loaded in asterisk:
CLI>show modules like
if there isn’t meetme module in asterisk try to find it in
ls /usr/lib/asterisk/modules | grep meetme
if You don’t have it, asterisk recompilation with zaptel is needed
if ls find it but asterisk don’t load it try to edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

to configure a conference:
edit /etc/asterisk/meetme.conf
and use MeetMe application in extensions conf

You can find an examples in [asterisk source directory]/configs/meetme.conf.sample and extensions.conf.sample

Thank you fdragowski

Your information helped me for configuring conference number.

Thank you very much.

Krishna Kumar