Conference mode in asterisk is not working

I already have create one conference room 9000 in asterisk using meetme.conf.

When i try to dial this conference no “9000”.It look like i have succeed to enter this room.
When my friend with different SIP ID dial this conference no. It reject by saying this number 9000 is on Call.Please call later.

This my meetme.conf

Please show me the correct way to solve this problem.


How have you setup that room in your extensions.conf file?

  • Brad

Hi brad
Thanks for your reply.

I do not make anything setup on extension.conf.
It is i need to do something configuration in it??

It will be nice if u can show me the correct link or example how to do it


It needs to be something like this:

exten => xxx,1,Ringing
exten => xxx,2,Wait(3)
exten => xxx,3,Meetme(9000,cM)
exten => xxx,4,Hangup()

exten => xxx,1,Ringing
exten => xxx,2,Wait(3)
exten => xxx,3,Meetme(9002,cM,123456,654321)
exten => xxx,4,Hangup()

The “xxx” is the extension number that asterisk is listening for that your users call into.

A good book to get is O’Reilly’s ‘Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition’ ISBN-10: 0-596-51048-9 it’s helped me allot.

  • Brad

i have try to implement as below in extension.conf

[quote]exten => 500,1,Ringing
exten => 500,2,Wait(3)
exten => 500,3,Meetme(101,cM,123456,654321)
exten => 500,4,Hangup() [/quote]

this is my meetme.conf

When i try to dial, it said "You have dial invalid conference number"
Is there something i miss??