How to communicate with the WAN or Public IP

Hi all,

I’ve configured 2 Astersik Servers and 2 Softphones for them.
With your help now i’m able to communicate those 2 softphones through their respective SIP channels.

But how to communicate my Asterisk Servers with the WAN or Public IP.
Is there any registration required. Or how i’ve to connect with SKYPE or YAHOO??

Please help me in this.

have you registred to your voip-providers server? Can you make outbound calls? Are you behind nat? Then first you probobly need to open up for upnp pass trought in you router, and also portforward for example 5060-5061 udp-ports if using sip. Your publi ip need to be registred in your sip-file, as “externip” and also it’s good to use a “realm” for your domain.