How to catch the dtmf event

Hi All

I made a aestrix set up fine in my server . Now i need to work on invoking call . I am successfully able to make a call . Now i need to know how to get the user clicked digits in DTMF event and also if user press 3 or any number i need to play back the sound . In net i studied little it s little confusing me . I am newbie to aestrix . Thanks for your kind help . Suggest me any sites or tutorials such that i can learn more about aestrix .

This is the wrong forum for support questions.

There are examples of this in the sample configuration file.

If you do core show application on the application and look at the See Also section, you should find other possible applications.

I really dont understad very well your point, but this is one of the best Asterisk guide

This last guide is based in an old Asterisk version but there are very useful infomation

My Sugestion is that learn how Asterisk Work, learn too about the Aplications and Functions dial plan sintax

these 2 files are the most importan files in Asterisk First extensions.conf and sip.conf, read the examples files.

I am not sure, but are you trying to build an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?