[HELP]! Can anyone answer my questions about DTMF?

I’m doinga major development with Asterisk, which is mission critical and I’ve been asking questions here for ages and NEVER get any answers… Now I have a huge show stopper which is Asterisk not liking DTMF digits typed in quickly, it does not recognise them or ignores them. I have tried on two different servers with varying results. I have enabled the ztdummy driver and still have not gotten any results.

I have even tried looping WAIT FOR DIGIT and GET_DATA to see if that makes a difference and I still do not get any of the results I need.

Secondly how do you ask for DTMF digits and then expect hash to be entered when finished? These are basic IVR functionality questions that no one seems to answer and all I am trying to do is find out what the answers are. I search the net over and over again, I have the asterisk book and nothing tells me what I need to know.

Can someone please help me out!