Capturing dtmf tones

hi all,

I am looking for a way when a call comes in to ask the caller to enter an account number for example, and then maybe a password and then take actions based upto the input. I have worked out the actions but I can’t seem to get my head around how to grab the dtmf tones that the user enters in order to do something later. I know I am having a dumb day but I just can’t see the way.

if someone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, evan more if there’s some examples somewhere :smile:

many thanks in advance

maybe something like this … Background

I looked at this but it seems to require the values be pre-defined in the dialplan, whereas I would like to capture the input to a variable so that it may be passed onto another command/macro as the value will be different for each caller. Hope this clarifies what I am looking for a little.

Never Played with them but there are several calling card apps that might do what your wanting to do or at least give you an Idea about how to do it … plications

thanks for the quick response. Will have a look through there see what I can get, don’t want to get too involved as it always end up being hassle but am just interest in how to do these things “just-in-case” :smile: