How to arbitrarily control MWI through ARI?

I am looking to control a MWI arbitrarily through ARI

if(value) {
 //turn on MWI

} else {
//turn off MWI

I have a cisco 303

I have read some documentation at:




However I am using a custom voicemail solution. I am not storing voice messages in asterisk or on the phone. I am using my own database totally decoupled from asterisk and my pbx.

Does anyone have any insight on how to control a MWI from ARI?

ARI provides a mailboxes route[1] which can be used to control the old/new message count for a mailbox. The rest of Asterisk references it like usual.


Thank you for providing a link to the documentation.

How do I create a mailbox?

This post[1] says that ARI cannot query app_voicemail.

ari.mailboxes().update("5000", 0, 0);

Updating a mailbox with /mailboxes/{mailboxName} (which will implicitly create one)
returns mailbox not found

It was my understanding that I could call /mailboxes/{mailboxName} with the update message count arguments and it would update an extension that had its voicemail turned on in my PBX. I now think I am missing a part of how mailboxes are different then voicemails.

[1] Cant list mailboxes using ARI

You call update, I don’t have specific examples for it. Do you have the modules mentioned in the post loaded and not app_voicemail?

The testsuite does have coverage for it[1].


OK i am using FreePBX so according to this thread it is not supported out of the box.

Thank you

If im not mistaken this sounds like a task not for the “faint hearted”. I cant just download these module somewhere and upload them through module admin?

Asterisk modules are not distributed or maintained through the FreePBX module admin section. I don’t work on FreePBX so I don’t know what options are available.

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