Cant list mailboxes using ARI

I am trying to use the node-ari-client to pull a list of all current mailboxes within my asterisk system.

I had initial issues with getting the following response: [{Error: Resource not found}].

After some digging I found the reason for that error was because I missing the following modules:


And loaded res_mwi_external module, instead of app_voicemail module to handle the voicemail.

I then attempted to list the mailboxes again but this time all that was given back was just via my console: []

There are mailboxes there with voice mail in them on my asterisk system but it seems they are not being picked up at all by ARI, but I can still record voice mail and such.

Anyone come across this, know why its happening or if am doing something wrong.

I simply want to list mailboxes, then check to see if they have any voice mail.

This is not supported by ARI. The mailbox interface provided is to allow you to write your own voicemail application in ARI. It’s not for querying app_voicemail.

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Thanks, that makes sense…is there any knowledge of it being possible in the future as far as you are aware?

I know of noone currently working on such functionality. ARI right now is not trying to replace what is possible using AMI. It may end up providing some of the same things eventually, but trying to create an interface for all people for all things immediately without fine tuning what it was originally made for would be dangerous.


Thank you for the prompt response.

That makes perfect sense, thank you :slight_smile: that explanation has saved me a ton of time!

You all might want to make sure the documentation reflects the lack of access to the existing mailbox objects. I wasn’t as lucky as Mr. Voxbit, and spent many an hour trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, before I happened onto this thread!!