ARI mailbox API help

Hi There,

Totally new to the ARI interfaces and asterisk. I’ve been looking at what is possible with Mailbox API. At the moment, I can call the interface, for example, PUT /ari/mailboxes/{id} which creates a mailbos. Also then calling GET /ari/mailboxes returns the list of existing mailboxes, and the associated parameters.

This is all good. However, this may seem a silly question, and highlight my lack of knowledge of the workings and arhitecture of ARI and asterisk, but where exactly are the mailboxes created? Are these just conceptual mailboxes, or do they exist somewhere within asterisk? The reason for this question is that I’d like to be able to create these mailboxes, then access them via a SIP device. i.e. deposit or collect messages.

Hope that’s clear as to what I’m trying to do.

The API is for controlling message waiting indication information. It’s not an interface to a voicemail application. It’s expected that such an application would be written as an ARI application, which would then use the mailbox API to notify Asterisk of the state so it can relay that information to phones.

Hi jcolp. Thanks for your clear response. Fully understood now. If I wanted to create and delete mailboxes for the Voicemail app, is there a web service to be able to do that?

The app_voicemail dialplan application has no such thing built in.

ok, so is there any voicemail app available for asterisk that does?

There is nothing included in Asterisk to do so, I can’t speak for anything externally developed.

Ok so better to develop whole voicemal app using ARI. Thanks for your help!

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