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We’ve been using the ARI.mailboxes().update() java (0.15.0) libs to update totals on “message read” through a softphone application. We’ve set our portal up to be able to remove voice messages from our databases. But, we’re wondering if we can remove the voicemail MWI from any phones using the same seat when voice messages are deleted - with ARI.

The delete() method seemingly removes the mailbox, and I can’t see any other tool in the API to update our gateways when a voicemail is deleted.

Is this something that ARI can do? And, would anyone know how to do this, or point me in the right direction?

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Would you not just call update again with the new count?

thanks for your speedy response! yeah I’ve done that, but the MWI maintains

I would suggest giving more detail of what you have exactly tried, what you are seeing, and what version of Asterisk is in use.

We ran a pcap on the vm server, and found we were getting 404 (the other calls were apparently, never working :expressionless: ), had a quick google, and apparently the mailboxes package isn’t turned on by default because of a clash with app_voicemail. Do you know this to be correct?

Yes. Multiple things can’t be the source of truth, so it’s one or the other.

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Thank you

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