How to Add Cell and Is It True


I have asterisk working okay for just a few sip phones with extensions no landline numbers, just checking it out for now. I want to add my cell phone with an actual landline number now. Also, I heard that this can save me money on my cell bill so what do I need to do to start saving with cell charges? Could someone direct me on what to input in sip.conf and extensions.conf for my cell phone? I am using the open source version 1.2.10 I think, but not the asterisk at home flavor. Also, if i can save like i’ve heard, would I be actually only saving on roaming charges or other charges too (True/Not True)?

err, lets see…

Asterisk will primarily help you save on your land line bill. Using a VoIP provider instead of a telco often saves $$++.

Asterisk CAN save you money on your cell phone bill. However this occurs in one of two ways- callback or local.

Option one is local- if your cell phone company charges high long distance rates, you can call your * box and (if configured to do so) it will then let you put in a password and give you a dialtone to call out on voip with. (See the application- DISA(). at CLI do show applicaiton disa). Thus you pay only local calling rates (cell phone to * box) and you can then call anywhere at VoIP rates.

The other option is callback. This is only useful if your cell phone provider has free incoming calls. With callback, you call the * server and hangup, it will then call you back- an incoming call to the cell, and often a free call over a voip provider. When it calls you you can put in a password or something and then dial out over the voip line.

If either of these are what you want let me know and i’ll whip up a config example…


Huhm, well I will be travelling a lot soon and out of the area of the asterisk box all the time, and I am weighing the options. I am trying to determine how Option One would help me because if I call my Asterisk box, I still will incur long distance charges (roaming) when out of the cell block area.

So I think between the two options IronHelix, I am going to go with the Callback Option and find a provider offering free incoming calls, as my current service is coming to an end anyway. So whatever config examples you can whip up to help me out, i will appreciate and put to use.

I dont know where you are located but I know that some cell phone providers ofer free phone to phone. So if you hooked up one phone to your asterisk server and then called it from your current phone thru DISA you can save money (by sending the call out thru VOIP). Another option is to get a wifi phone. There are a lot of areas where you can get wifi signalls. If you can then you can connect to your asterisk box and make phone calls over landline or voip.

Also some providers let you set up a ‘calling list’ of 5 people or so that you get free calls to… put * on that list and you have a mostly-free cell phone. … s+callback is a page on setting up callback…

Thanks guys. I will be working in the trucking industry, OTR, thru-out U.S. and want to keep in touch with my family reasonably, wont see them much - maybe 1-2 days out of 2-3 weeks or so. I am also planning to take a laptop with me hoping that it will work (connect or something) with the company QuailComm, but don’t know yet-won’t start til another week or so. Not even sure of the QuailComm system yet, if its only tied into their network or… So if that works, then I can just use a wifi phone if reception is good. But if not then cell phone will have to do.